Established: 1993

Parent company: 意精研有限公司

CEO: Wang Hsien-ming 王賢明



Established in Tainan in 1993, Tea & Magic Hand’s CEO Wang Hsien-ming is a local of Fuchen. He loves drinking tea, and is even more passionate about drinking good tea, which is how he was inspired to enter the tea leaf business. Tea & Magic Hand has been around for over 27 years, and currently has almost 600 chains in Taiwan.¹


Wang is very proud about Tea & Magic Hand being a self-sustaining business. Unlike most drink shops chains that partner with third-party tea factories, tapioca pearl vendors, etc., Tea & Magic Hand supplies and makes 80% of the materials used in their drinks, including the harvesting and production of tea, as well as the production of winter-melon jelly, pearls, and other condiments.²

2015 Violation of the Labour Standards Act

Date of announcement: 2015. 12. 10

Date of penalty: 2015. 11. 12

Case number: 1041091415

Violation: Article 30 Item 5 of the Labour Standards Act³

2019 Hong Kong protests: public support

In recent years, China has continuously taken action to bully Taiwan and has launched “witch hunts” against international companies. Taiwanese drink shop chains are the latest in the line of fire, with Chinese netizens labelling several drink shops as being “pro-independence”. Many brands have come out in support of the “One-China” policy in order to appease the Chinese market and continue securing Chinese revenue. Following Yifang Fruit Tea’s public internet post supporting “One China Two Systems”, many other Taiwanese drink shop chains have been implicated in the controversy as well.⁴


In response, Taiwanese netizens have curated lists of drink shops that are pro-Taiwan or at least have refrained from kowtowing to Chinese pressure, which Tea & Magic Hand has been included in. “These are the only drink shops left that love Taiwan,” one netizen remarked.⁵


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