This index relies on publicly available information and as such, some shops have less available information on them than others, which will be reflected by an asterisk next to the numerical score. 

Established: 1980

Parent company:老賴國際有限公司

CEO: Lai Chen-bin 賴振斌



Like Tea Shop was founded in 1972 in Taichung by Lai Chen-mo, who started off as a fruit seller. Because he personally loved to drink black tea, he always had a bucket of homemade black tea set up next to his fruit stand during work, and whenever customers were thirsty, he would always tell them in Taiwanese: “Drink a cup of black tea to quench your thirst!”¹


After forty years of success, Like Tea Shop kept their business solely within Taichung until very recently. They opened their first non-Taichung-based shop in Taipei in 2019.²

2019 Charity event

On their 40th anniversary, Like Tea Shop held promotional events to celebrate. The full proceeds of one such event – “Proud to be a Lai” – were donated to the Taichung Fund for Children and Families as a gesture of charity and goodwill.³


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