Established: 1998

Parent company: 喫茶小舖股份有限公司 / 方圓國際事業股份有限公司

CEO: Wang Kuo-liang 王國良



“Established in 1998, Teashop 168 was founded because we love to drink tea, and we want to share the best tea with the world. We’ve expanded from our first store, to the third, the fifth, and now we have almost 200 shops in Taiwan.”¹ Teashop 168 currently has expanded into Chinese, American, and Japanese markets, and plans to break into Southeast Asia as well. They’re devoted to bringing Taiwanese tea onto the world stage and building a sustainable business. CHICA San Chen, a high-end tea brand under Teashop 168 has also franchised overseas, and currently has 24 shops in China.²

COVID Donations: medical professionals

In 2021, Teashop 168 launched an event for frontline medical workers, who only had to show their CDC work badges or medical licences in exchange for a free drink at any Teashop 168 store.³


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