Established: 2008


CEO: Hsu Wan-ru (許宛汝)



Kebuke was founded in early summer of 2008 at Taichiung's Xiang-shang market. It took 8 years and almost 3000 days of dedication to doing the right thing. We believe that everything, when distilled to its purest essence, will reveal a beautiful and simple state - just like people. Let the black tea bring you on a journey through time and nostalgia, and return to the wonderful days of old.

Kebuke was established by founder Liu Shao-wei in 2008. His foundational philosophy was always to provide good tea and be a community-based drink shop. He worked hard to cultivate a loyal customer base and generate steady revenue. At the end of 2014, his old friend Chang Chao-hsiu expressed interest in franchising Kebuke. Liu asked in response: “Do you want to change Kebuke with me?” Chang, who comes from a design background, agreed immediately and the two set on a journey to transform Kebuke’s brand.¹

2020 Yummy Holdings Investment

Yummy Holdings Corporation, a chain restaurant group, has invested significantly in the tea and beverages market. On the 20th, the board of directors invested 80 million NTD 20% of Kebuke’s shares. Their goal is to expand the brand and open 300 shops within 3 years; additionally, Yummy and Kebuke look to cooperate to break into the overseas market.²


Yummy Holdings Corporation was established in the Cayman Islands on December 22, 2009. It is a well-known tea and beverages brand group in China, and its business is primarily investing in chain restaurants and drink shops. Other brands under the Yummy umbrella include Real Brew Tea (仙踪林), Happy Lemon (快樂檸檬), and Fresh Tea.³


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