Meet our First Class of Snowball Ambassadors!

Our Snowball Ambassadors work side-by-side with our team to have an impact on human rights & freedoms in Asia!

As volunteers, they tackle challenging yet rewarding opportunities to grow Snowball, as a community, movement, and startup.  Impact opportunities include event organization, event logistics, attendee outreach and greeting, human rights research, corporate research, community building, community recruiting outreach, marketing, scheduling, startup tactics, prototyping, workshops, negotiation, press outreach, interview and speaking preparation, administration, and more!

Want to join as an ambassador?


I am a Vietnamese agribusiness student who has a fervent passion for the agriculture industry. I am currently writing a thesis on coffee willingness-to-pay in Hsinchu, and cooperating with a news agency to promote Yunlin’s agriculture to the young generation. I have won the third prize in the Student Food Marketing Challenge organized by the Food Distribution Research Society. In my leisure time, I read economics non-fiction or news around the world.

As far as I’m concerned, many countries in Asia have very low democracy indices, which can be seen through the media censorship, obstruction of freedom of speech, and the incarceration of dissidents. These authoritarian states are threatening not only the welfare of their citizens but also the peace of the region. There is an urgent need for an effort to counter this deterioration of democracy.


I'm Carolina from Brazil! Currently, I'm living in Taipei. I'm doing my Ph.D. in electrical engineering and working with robotics and artificial intelligence.

My passion for human rights and understanding world issues started when I joined AIESEC about five years ago. As soon as I started working there, I connected with people worldwide and understood what I wanted in my career. Basically, from now I have been studying feminism and gender equality.

Unfortunately, regarding multiple variables, we all have different opportunities in our lives. For this reason, we must try to reduce these inequalities because each individual deserves to have a life with dignity."

Sadique Ali

My name is Md Sadique Ali. I was born in India. Since my childhood, I was quite inspired by technology improvement. That’s why I decided to study in technological field. I have done my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology (west Bengal, India) and currently I am doing my master’s in Manufacturing Technology in National Taipei University of Technology ( Taipei tech, Taiwan) working on improvement of additive manufacturing and 3d printing.

I previously engaged in giving classes to that children who cannot study because of financial problem. Nowadays, I am guiding and mentoring the students who are willing to study abroad mainly who can’t access the foreign study without scholarship. In my opinion, education is also the basic need of society. Everyone has rights to access their basic education.

Wen Yu

Politics, International Affairs, and Political Culture has always caught his eyes. Wen specialized in Political Science for BA and MA. He traveled around the world as a volunteer to broaden his horizon.

Wen participated in multiple diverse voluntary camps, such as Culture Exchange, Peace and Equality, Language and Education, and Animal and Environment Care. Perspectives toward life were shaped through these cherished experiences. He's become fully aware that it's his purpose to promote basic human rights and equality for the world in his way on his own turns. Snowball is a great opportunity for him to fulfill his eagerness and to promote the human rights and equality that everyone deserves.


My name is Chandra. Currently work with pharmaceutical company and live in Taipei.

For me, human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life.

According to the Human Freedom Index report in 2020 jointly released by Washington-based Cato Institute.Taiwan ranked 3rd in Asia. It is a good start for us to spread and inspire the concept of freedom towards all countries in Asia. Like the old saying, a single spark can start a prairie fire, let’s make it happen.


Nelson is a Chinese born in India; currently an international student in Taiwan, specializing in Marketing and Human resource. Pursing a bachelor’s degree on international business, he seeks to have some kind of impact on the world.

Social media displaying negative information, discrimination, racism; have all caused people to lose faith in humanity. In times of such crisis, having a community that spreads awareness about human rights might be something that can bring back humanity that was long forgotten.

Mahatma Gandhi had once said “If you cannot find faith in humanity, be the faith in humanity” With these words in mind, Snowball community has shown that faith is not lost yet. I hope to contribute further to the cause and spread the awareness to as many people as possible.